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‘For every job, so many men’ *

At a time when the formal unemployment rate is 9.5 percent — and real unemployment is much higher, thanks to the many factors this rate doesn’t take into account — and when there are, on average, six applicants for every job offered, to deny an extension of unemployment benefits on the grounds that to do so would “disincent” the search for work is obscene. It is unjust to the jobless, harmful to the economy and destructive to our republic.

Two among thousands

Two among thousands: In a measure of today’s economic desperation, LaToya Lewis (left) and Detoysha Greene
stand in line on a rainy day at the McDonalds on
Carnegie Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio, filling
out applications in the hope of being
among the lucky few chosen for
low-paying jobs with the
fast-food Goliath.
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That our Congress has chosen to refuse even this slight palliative to the unemployed workers of America reaffirms what we have long suspected: that “our” government is not ours at all, but the property of a class of pathological kleptoplutocrats that seeks to obliterate our economy and plunder the ruins.

Originally published as a review of an article on the congressional termination of unemployment benefits in December of 2010.

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