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“One of the characteristics of tyranny is the monitoring and surveillance of citizens. Done primarily as a means of control,
this has existed in every authoritarian state, not to mention totalitarian dictatorship, which seeks total
control of the population. The defense is almost always based on national security grounds.”

William F. Pepper

‘Homeland Security, Inc.:

Putting the squeeze on terror since 2011’

I wonder: Is there any reason to think this wringer will squeeze us any less tightly if it’s operated by a private corporation?

Security wringer

Security wringer: what every airline passenger experiences because the government just knows the real enemy
is bottles of water.
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Abolishing the TSA is a good idea, but if we do so in the name of liberty, we must be consistent and rid ourselves not merely of the agency, but of all the practices instituted since 9/11 that have done little other than to bring wealth to a few corporate entities, to enlarge the apparatus of repression for the government that serves them, and to bring into still riper putrescence the state of our once proudly professed democracy and into still deeper subjugation the mass of ordinary people from whom the corporations derive their wealth and the government its authority.

Ultimately, the republic’s bane lies not in the Homeland Security Department, but in the laws that created it. As long as the USA-PATRIOT Act remains in force, our rights as citizens will be under relentless, probing siege; and as rights so assailed must ultimately yield, so we can now defend them only by annihilating the besieger.

Originally published as a review of a New Yorker cartoon on the absurdities of the security state.

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