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“The money and power of a corporation attract psychopaths. In a corporate environment they have many advantages
over their non-psychopathic competitors for promotion. Not surprisingly most corporations end up being run
by psychopaths. As with a criminal gang a corporation's culture adopts the twisted values of
its leaders. Those who would seek employment must likewise adopt or at least
appear to adopt the corporation's essentially psychopathic mindset.”

Stefan H. Verstappen

Harpies of a feather

Monsanto meets Blackwater; love at first sight; little monsters expected presently

I am not a biotechnologist. I do not pretend to understand the potential long-term effects of consuming genetically modified foods, nor if indeed they are “nutritionally equivalent” to traditional foods as the industry assures us. But, like many other people around the world, I am troubled by the suspicion that the biotech industry doesn’t really know either.

Monsanto hires Academi to stop farmers destroying GMO crops.

Division of terror: Monsanto puts GMO seeds in farmers’ soil;
Academi makes sure they stay there.

There have been countless examples, both in the U.S. and elsewhere, of companies telling governments and citizens that their products are wholesome and scientifically formulated for optimal nutrition, and that we should sit down, be quiet, and trust in experts to decide what’s best for us — until later studies reveal what, all too often, the companies in question have known all along: that the “foods” in question would be better characterized as chemical waste, their ingredients chosen not for human health but to maximize corporate profits.

Thus, although I do not typically advocate acts of sabotage and destruction where any alternative exists, I cannot condemn the thousands of people who have taken direct action by destroying GM crops; they may violate their nations’ laws, but unjust laws were never meant to be kept, and people were never meant to be forced to eat foods that they are convinced are tainted.

Now, however, we discover that Monsanto, the world’s largest and most hated biotech/chemical company, is taking direct action of its own.

Not content with merely playing the stacked deck of a corrupt judiciary and local law enforcement apparatus against its adversaries, Monsanto has enlisted the aid of another company of comparable reputation to monitor, suppress and in some cases physically assault them: Xe Services, formerly known as Blackwater (and now as Academi) — the company that supplied murderous goon squads in Iraq to kill those unwilling to bear gladly the yoke of imperial U.S. domination.

Thanks to stories like this, so often omitted from the reporting in the mainstream media, we gradually build a picture that shows all too clearly the lines of collaboration that tell us who has allied with whom against the public interest. And it gradually becomes apparent to even the casual reader that a blasphemous cabal exists that secretly unites in unholy combination the worst elements of the corporate elite with such “public” agencies as the CIA to vitiate, confound, silence or obliterate dissent.

Ultimately, the whole world must be locked into this battle: the final conflict between the criminal elites and the people from whom they falsely claim consent to rule. But there can be no consent without knowledge, and the more we know, the more inclined we become explicitly to withdraw that inferred consent. It is this that makes WikiLeaks and articles like this so valuable, for with the corporate media acting as public-relations agencies for the elite, it is only in such sources that we will find the truths that the elite would deny us.

Originally published as a review of a article on Monsanto's use of Blackwater/Xe Services/Academi (now operating under its third name in 12 years, as do all reputable companies) as an enforcer for its anti-public interests.

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