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“Psychopaths differ from normal people in that they lack the ability to relate emotionally
to others. As a consequence, they have a terrifying ability to treat others not as
human beings but as things to be exploited, tortured or killed, as they see fit.”

Ian Hughes

Noisome Blackwater in a new cistern

Once, there was a “security services” contracting company, operating in Iraq, that called itself Blackwater; then Blackwater became notorious for its involvement in discreditable incidents in Fallujah and elsewhere. Since, however, the kinds of “services” Blackwater offered are not best performed under the kind of international scrutiny that this notoriety entailed, the company had to die and be resurrected, that it might free itself of the taint that now attached to its former identity. From this crisis, a “new” company was born: Xe Services.

Blackwater/Xe/Academi logos

"Change is the only constant." Especially when you're a gang of bloodthirsty mercenaries who never met a
war crime you didn't like.
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Naturally, in a post-WikiLeaks world, this was never really effective: Those who knew about Blackwater and wanted to keep up with its activities weren’t long learning of the new identity, shielded though it was by a name that is also the chemical symbol for xenon, an inert gas named for the ancient Greek word meaning “unknown.” Apparently, therefore, additional layers of deniability — plausible or not — were in order.

Hence, this latest manifestation: the U.S. Training Center. Will the ever-metamorphosizing company stick with this newest repackaging? My impression is that it will do so only so long as the new package is still effective at concealing the decaying old contents; as soon as enough people come to recognize it for what it is, I suspect that the identity will change again.

Blackwater/Xe/Academi web of links

"Tangled web": Diagrammed above is part of the network linking Blackwater (in all its manifestations) to other corporations, holding companies, industrial
magnates and political potentates,
doubtless already lobbying
for our next war.
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Therefore, as the humblest of internet journalists, I will now contribute what lies in my power toward the further discomfiture of this tenebrous corporation: To that end, I will seek to stay abreast of its ongoing mutations and keep my readers apprised of what the company is calling itself at any given time. Accordingly, I ask your aid in tracking this corporate pariah’s evasive maneuvers when and as you become aware of them.

Academi 'Crusader' T-shirt

"Deux li volt": Apparently these mercenaries have more than murder-for-money on their minds.
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UPDATE AND CORRECTION: Since 2011, Blackwater/Xe has taken on a new name: Academi. I did say I'd be keeping on this; better late than never. This is, however, only its third incarnation: U.S. Training Center still exists, but is only the mercenary-training division of the larger entity that is ... whatever Blackwater calls itself by the time this update is published.

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