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“If you're very bright and know how to dress well; if you have the gift of the gab; if you're
raised in an affluent family background; then you don't go in the bank
and rob it, you get in the bank and become a director.”

Robert D. Hare

‘KKK is A-OK, but WikiLeaks is wicked!’

Corporate ethics: an oxymoron?

As you will read on this page, Visa has followed MasterCard’s lead in refusing to process donations to WikiLeaks, citing concerns about the legality of the site’s actions. No such concerns, however, appear to stop the three largest credit card companies from doing business with the Ku Klux Klan.

The KKK accepts Visa, MasterCard and AmericanExpress — and vice-versa

Mutual admiration? The KKK accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express — and they accept it, warts, malevolence, dauntless ignorance and all.
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Both companies also conduct credit transactions to extremist groups in Israel that fund illegal settlements on Palestinian land, advocate murder of Palestinians and bribe soldiers to commit mutiny by refusing to enforce laws against illegal outposts used to launch terrorist attacks on farmers and villagers.

Disproportionate violence: Illegal settlers cut off this child's arms after he threw stones.

This Palestinian boy threw rocks at illegal Israeli settlers. To punish him, they cut his arms off and left
him to bleed to death.
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While it is not altogether true, as some apologists have argued, that the companies are perfectly free to decide with whom they will do business, there are apparently no laws against this particular choice. However, the corporations may want to remember that we know what they’re doing, and that their choice of business associates tells us a great deal about their moral character.

In this case, it leaves little doubt: Visa and MasterCard consider leaking documents proving governmental and corporate misprision intolerable, but they have no objection to organizations that preach scorn for other races and have a long history of terrorism.

If, as the proverb has it, “birds of a feather flock together,” these companies have chosen their associates well, for what they have done here is a kind of financial terrorism. And their victims are all those who don’t accept the notion that government is best conducted out of the ken of the governed.

Perhaps a boycott is in order. After all, we, too, get to choose with whom we do business.

Originally published as a review of a article on WikiLeaks and credit-card companies.

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