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“Somehow we find it hard to sell our values,
namely that the rich should plunder the poor.”

—Secretary of State John Foster Dulles

Marxism, Inc.?

‘We will bury you — and then sell your remains forever’

Once, in a burst of ill-considered rhetoric, former Soviet president Nikita Kruschev told the capitalist world, “We will bury you,” meaning that one day capitalism would fail and fall and Marxism, having outlived it, would dance upon its grave. That hasn’t happened yet — in fact, it is Marxism that lost the first round when the Cold War thawed upon a post-Soviet world order.

Che — the product line

Che — the product line.
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In this light, perhaps this tainted irony can be appreciated for what it is: Today the anti-capitalist guerrilla Ernesto (“Che”) Guevara is commemorated not in speeches and ceremonies, but in a thousand profitable product lines.

Bankers give thanks

Bankers give thanks.
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Capitalism, however, has nothing to celebrate. Where the Marxists failed to destroy it, the bankers seem headed for a brilliant, if necessarily temporary, success. Che Guevara is a capitalist commodity, but hedge-fund manager John Paulson and his colleagues are well on their way to turning our entire economy into a commodity, raking in as much money in an hour as a middle-class family earns in 47 years of actual work.

Originally published as a review of an satirical graphic on Che Guevara.

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